Our patented one piece liner with natural cotton fiber insulation delivers a sustainable and recyclable temperature-sensitive product packaging solution. The inner insulation layer is manufactured with post-industrial cotton and is wrapped in a durable, white poly film FDA approved for incidental food contact.  Each components can be easily separated by the end user to be properly recycled. The hermetic design inherent to our one piece design enables our liners to be leak proof and offer superior thermal properties than EPS or a two piece liner. Ease of use and implementation is also a significant advantage over more complicated insulated shippers (Single item to inventory and manage, one push motion to insert inside a box, folds flat to help save on freight and warehousing costs). Feel free to Call our sales team today to learn more about our bio-based natural fiber liners. Protected by US and International patents and patents pending.


The flexible liner which started a revolution. 12 years ago, we set off on a mission to offer a more sustainable alternative to hard EPS and PUR foam coolers. The Coldkeepers one piece shipping liner was born. Initially offered with soft foam open cell polyurethane, the design was endlessly improved to incorporate alternative materials such as post industrial denim or cotton. The immense success of the line both with pharmaceutical companies and large direct to consumer food delivery businesses enabled us to expand our product offering to a wide array of thicknesses and sizes. The main advantage of this innovative solution being its ability to ship flat and save on inbound freight and warehousing costs as well as the quick turnaround for custom sized liners without prohibitive tooling costs which allowed us to pioneer the introduction of seasonal use liners to minimize costs (Thinner liners for winter, thicker for summer, etc.). The one piece design also allows for quick product implementation by fulfillment facilities versus a two piece counterpart. Feel free to Call our sales team today to learn more about the liner which started it all. Protected by US and International patents.



Our Thermal Insulated Mailers are perfect to keep your temperature sensitive products cold during transport. They can be used in conjunction with frozen or refrigerated gel packs for overnight shipments of products requiring to be kept below 25°C/77°F. In addition to their superior thermal properties and durability, the soft inner foam insulation offers superior padding and protection for your products. Mailers are available with wall insulation ranging from 1/2″ up to 1″.


Our line of thermal insulated bags was introduced to the US market 20 years ago and has made its way into people’s everyday lives making it a must have for grocery stores. Thanks to our three ply technology, they keep items frozen up to three hours without ice. Their rugged construction, comfortable handle and gusset or hard bottom ensures true sustainability through multiple uses. Made of FDA compliant materials, they are well suited for use with food products. Add ice or a frozen gel pack for extra cooling time.


Our line of thermal insulated pouches feature an easy to use double track pressure closure to ensure a tight and leak proof seal and will keep items cold for several hours*. We recommend using the pouches with a frozen gel pack to achieve longer cooling time. Great for food distribution (fish, meats, etc), drugs, chocolate products, etc. Works great to keep insulin, vaccines and specimens cold for extended periods of time. * Duration may vary due to environmental factors.