Ship refrigerated or frozen foods safely and economically along the entire supply chain, safe-guarding and preserving food quality.

When product safety and integrity depend on maintaining required temperatures, depend on Coldkeepers, LLC. Dairy, seafood, wine, prepared foods, meal-kits, meal-prep; we have the answers you seek, from Thermal shipping boxes & Custom printed Thermal Bags to design and thermal testing.

Many of America’s best-known brands rely on our solutions for storage, transportation and distribution, from bulk loads to individual products.

We offer ready engineered solutions which are already pre-qualified, saving you the time and cost of lengthy development projects.


Validated performance your customers can rely on.

At Coldkeepers, we deliver perishable goods in perfect condition utilizing our innovative, sustainable, and patented cold chain solutions.

What sets our thermal packaging apart from traditional methods?

1. Advanced Insulation: Our packaging is designed with materials to create a temperature-stable environment for the entirety of the shipping process.

2. Customizability: No two perishable goods are the same, and that’s why our thermal packaging can be tailored to meet your unique needs. We offer various sizes and configurations to accommodate
different quantities and shapes of perishables.

3. Sustainability: We understand the importance of being environmentally responsible and that’s why many of our packaging options are crafted from sustainable materials that are curbside recyclable, and biodegradable like our patented one-piece thermal insulated box liners.

4. Expert Support: With Coldkeepers, you’re never alone on your shipping journey. Our team of experts are dedicated to assisting you in optimizing your perishable shipments.

Elevate your shipping process with Coldkeepers’ thermal packaging and watch customer satisfaction soar!

To learn more about our products and how we can customize them to suit your needs, contact our team using the form or give us a call at (888) 216-1700.


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