• Plain Bags

    Plain Bags

    These Plain Bags use the same technology as our generic Kold-To-Go Thermal Insulated Bags as they offer the same great ...

  • Generic Thermal Bags

    Generic Thermal Bags

    Our line of Kold-To-Go Generic Thermal Bags has been introduced to the US market over a decade ago and has ...


  • Plain Thermal Pouches

    Plain Thermal Pouches

    Our line of Plain Thermal Pouches feature an easy to use double track pressure closure to ensure a tight and ...

  • Pouches with Gel Packs

    Pouches with Gel Packs

    Our line of Pouches with gel packs conveniently combine an easy to use thermal pouch with a high performance gel ...


  • Extreme Box Liners

    Extreme Box Liners

    Our Koldtogo Extreme Shipping liners will keep your temperature sensitive products at the right temperature for 36 hours

  • Bio-Based Shipping Liners

    Bio-Based Shipping Liners

    Our patented one-piece liner with natural cotton fiber insulation delivers a sustainable and recyclable temperature-sensitive product packaging solution

  • Insulated Mailers

    Insulated Mailers

    Our line of Extreme Insulated Mailers is perfect for transporting temperature sensitive food products such as chocolates, caviar, seafood, etc

  • Soft gel packs

    Soft gel packs

    Available in 08 fl oz, 16 fl oz, 24 fl oz and 32 fl oz sizes