Sustainable One-Piece Thermal Liner with Cotton Fiber

Our patented one piece liner design with natural cotton fiber insulation delivers a sustainable and recyclable temperature-sensitive product packaging solution. The inner insulation layer is manufactured with post-industrial cotton and is wrapped in a durable, white poly film FDA approved for incidental food contact. Each components can be easily separated by the end user to be properly recycled. The hermetic design inherent to our one piece design enables our liners to be leak proof and offer superior thermal properties than EPS or a two piece liner. Ease of use and implementation is also a significant advantage over more complicated insulated shippers (Single item to inventory and manage, one push motion to insert inside a box, folds flat to help save on freight and warehousing costs). Feel free to Call our sales team today to learn more about our bio-based natural fiber liners. Protected by US and International patents and patents pending.


 Natural cotton fiber insulation

 One piece design. Flexible design. Folds and ships flat (Save on warehousing and transport costs).

 Trusted Performance by Fortune 500 companies

 Great for food or life science applications

 Protective shock absorbing construction

 Custom printing & sizing available.

 US and International Patents # 9,290,313, 9,650,198, 9,950,830, CA2,685,211, 101754898, 2657141, HK1146022, etc.


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A Side view of a Coldkeepers Cotton Shipping Liners
A top view of Coldkeepers Cotton Shipping Liners