Generic Thermal Bags

Our line of thermal insulated bags was introduced to the US market 20 years ago and has made its way into people’s everyday lives making it a must have for grocery stores. Thanks to our three ply technology, they keep items frozen up to three hours without ice. Their rugged construction, comfortable handle and gusset or hard bottom ensures true sustainability through multiple uses.  Made of FDA compliant materials, they are well suited for use with food products. Add ice or a frozen gel pack for extra cooling time.


 Can be Reused and custom printed

 Flexible, folds flat (save on warehousing and transport costs)

 Trusted Performance by Fortune 500 food and life science companies

 Great for food applications

 Protective shock absorbing construction

 Samples available upon request

 Custom sizing available

Take advantage of our expertise and learn about thermal packaging alternatives.

Coldkeepers has been the leader in the insulated shipping business since 1998. Consistently up-to-date with the industry’s best practices, we can answer any questions you ask and face any packaging challenge so you can deliver your products in the most efficient way.

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Kold-To-Go Thermal Bag for Lunch
12 Packer Kold-To-Go Thermal Bag