Are you looking for the ideal bag for you or a client but unsure of the exact size needed? Are you wanting to impress a prospect with a wide variety of products? Look no further, we have selected and prepared a limited number of preassembled samples kits which can be conveniently ordered through our site.

Samples available:

  • Kold To Go Generic Thermal Bags: 25 Liters,12 Packer Thermal Bag, Lunch Bag, 45 Liter Bag and one Wine bag.
  • The Thermal Pouches Sample comes in 5 different sizes : 21″x21″, 19″x19″, 15″x19″, 15″x10″, 07″x10″.
  • Our Thermal Shipping Liners samples are available in 3 different sizes: try our 10, 12 and 14 Cube Extreme Liner now!

Feel free to call us at (888) 216-1700 if in need of a more specific sample kit.